U.S. Army Field Band

American soldiers are said to wear many hats from defending our country to being called on after a national disaster. The Army offers more then just guns and fighting.

The United States Field Band and Soldier Chorus has been around for over 50 years. The internationally acclaimed band is on their fall concert tour and made a stop at Florida A&M University’s Lee Hall Auditorium.

Natalie Kliama, a staff sergeant in the band, had this to say: "It feels great, especially when an audience stands up at the end of a performance and their hearts are just totally in love with the music we just performed, and they are really there to support us. It's a wonderful feeling!"

Staff Sergeant Kliama enjoys playing in the band so much she has been doing it for over five years. Not only did the field band provide breathtaking music, they honored a local veteran.

Sergeant John Brown served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and brought his children along to enjoy the concert.

SGT John Brown adds, "To see the army band is really going to be good for them, exciting too. They both like music and instruments things like that as well."

SGT Brown is not the only one making the performance a family matter.

Gay Munyon was attending the performance and said, "I was in the band. My dad was in the Army band and so we kind of have a tradition in the family that we love to see bands play."

The musical ambassadors of the Army gave the capital city a performance they can't forget. The group, which is made up of 65 band members and 35 chorus members, will continue their fall tour. Their next stop is Lake City, Florida.