Picking the Perfect Pumpkin

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Searching for the perfect pumpkin is one of the best ways to get in to the Halloween spirit, and sisters Janie and Annie Jansen say they know exactly what they're looking for when picking a pumpkin.

Janie Jansen says, "Pretty big, none of the little wart things; the perfect color of orange, not too dirty, but not turning green."

Sister Annie Jansen says, "The perfect pumpkin is big and orange without little bumps."

It’s criteria that seemed to be the consensus amongst pumpkin pickers big and small at the tent along Thomasville Road.

Ryan Thomas says, "Ones that are round and don't have much dents on them, and they have, like, stems."

But searching for the perfect pumpkin is just one part of getting into the Halloween spirit as some of our half-pint experts remind us.

But whether a fan of pumpkins, candy or both, it appears the Jansen sisters and many others like them have caught the Halloween spirit.

One fun Halloween fact is pumpkins are vegetables. The orange veggie is in the same family as squash and cucumber.