Campus Robbery Spree

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A spike in armed robberies on the campuses of FAMU and FSU have prompted authorities to issue alerts across campus, but the alerts have some students a bit on edge.

As of Monday, two men and a juvenile are under arrest for the weekend robbery of a student at the Colony Club Apartments near FSU's campus this weekend.

FAMU Police LT Louis Wichers says four robberies occurred during the school's recent homecoming weekend, three of which involved a firearm.

"We're investigating these robberies. We're working with other agencies and comparing notes. In terms of a description and similarities in the way they occurred, and also their targets and what was taken," says Wichers.

Alert signs, posted at FAMU's campus, caution students to be careful and to report suspicious activity.

FAMU senior Carl Forde says, "I think it is good that students are aware of what is going on. It lets people know they care about the students and for students to know what's going on around campus."

FAMU sophomore Dionna Barnett adds, "When I see the notices, I get a little nervous and scared. When I walk to my car I become a little more aware of my surroundings."

FSU Police MAJ Thomas Longo believes recent robberies on FSU's campus were not committed by students.

"They are non-students; most are from out of town. A few arrests have been made, and we are following leads," says Longo.

Police say the alerts will remain posted until further notice.