Powerball Controversy

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Lottery officials will be the first to tell you the West family of Medford is only the alleged winner of the record jackpot because they have yet to come forward.

We thought they were coming in this past Tuesday, which was the rumor, and now another rumor that state officials are actually looking into is that a 17-year-old may have bought the winning ticket, an allegation so serious, even Lotto officials called the family to check.

Super Chucki asked him that directly, and he said that he assured me that a 17-year-old did not purchase the ticket, but Baumann says Mr. West was a bit elusive when asked who did buy the ticket, and never said.

There certainly is a lot of drama around this.

Kevin Neely with the state's attorney general office says they are now getting involved.
On Monday they'll meet for the first time to discuss the “what ifs.”

According to Lotto officials, they too are only worried about who comes to turn in the ticket.

As long as someone who is 18 or older is claiming the ticket, we're going to be fine and if not it will all work out and the prize will not be jeopardized.