Robbery Suspect Nabbed in Wakulla County

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What ended with a robbery suspect behind bars started with a friendly meeting between neighbors. It's a home invasion case with several twists and turns.

The victim's sister says, "My mom called my cell and said B.J. got robbed and tied up. I'm like, do what?!"

Shock and a bit of fear races through the Wakulla County community where a young man was robbed by his own neighbor.

“He came back here, said, ‘man, I'm not going to hurt you, but you have to lay on the ground.’”

Robert Crawford says his neighbor, 35-year-old Nathan Parsons, was acting strange Sunday afternoon when he stopped by to chat. He says he was pacing back and fourth biting his nails.

Robert Crawford says, "Then it turns weird. He starts walking around with the sword. It started freaking me out."

Before long, Robert was being tied up.

“He bound me with rope,” he says.

Then Parsons fled in Robert's pick-up truck. Authorities caught up to him as he crossed county lines, but parsons didn't give up-he abandoned the truck near Woodville with authorities hot on his trail.

Parsons is behind bars, charged with burglary, grand theft auto, and kidnapping. His neighbor is back at home in disbelief.

Parsons was found in that neighborhood near Woodville.

Authorities say 35-year-old Crystal Gill was hiding him inside her home. She is under arrest for accessory after the fact.