Live Oak P.D. to Get New Headquarters

The Live Oak Police Department is anxious to move from this small, rented space in a shopping center into its new headquarters.

Nolan McLeod, Live Oak Police Chief, says, "The building inside is beautiful. It has beautiful ceilings; it has three-foot crown molding around the lobby area."

Mayor Sonny Nobles says, "Several years ago, the Live Oak Police Department was housed in the old City Hall complex, which was inadequate facility. The Live Oak City Council appropriated budgeted money to build a new facility."

Instead of building a new structure, the city purchased the Mercantile Bank on White Avenue for$ 450,000.

A needs assessment survey shows that the Live Oak Police Department should have at least 5,600 square feet of operating space. Their current location only has 2,100, which is almost three times smaller than what's suggested.

Chief Nolan McLeod says, "Needless to say, we're in very cramped quarters. The building behind us, when it is renovated, will have about 5,500 square feet; which is just about what the needs assessment survey said we needed to perform our operations."

Chief McLeod says the bank will need few renovations. When complete, the new police headquarters will include a training room, conference room, and a break room, things the department was never able to enjoy before.

Mercantile Bank employees have asked to stay in the building until December 31, after which renovations will begin and the police chief says he expects to be moved in by March or April.