TalTran Fare Hike

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If you ride the bus, start saving your quarters. Starting now, TalTran's fares are going up.

"This morning I got on the bus and normally I'm carrying 50 cents until I turn 18, but they told me it’s now 60 cents, which the fare went up, so that's kinda like a hurt to me," said Dominic Gorden.

Gorden is now paying an extra 10 cents to ride. Other prices more than that.

TalTran Executive Director Ronald Garrison says they were forced to take this measure because of the high cost of fuel.

"Over the past couple months gas prices have gone up 75, 80 percent. They're having a problem across the country in operating transit systems,” he said.

Regular fares that used to be a dollar are now a $1.25. That could really burn a hole in your pocket, but some residents say they understand.

"I'm not surprised ‘cause I knew eventually they would have to do it, especially with the gas prices being what they are, but I think with the system we have, eventually there's gonna have to be more money going into the system to allow more buses and longer routes," said Kim Simpkins.

And that's just what TalTran officials are working are.

"We're gonna use new technology, new routes, new buses and we have an entire new system that we want to present to the commissioners," said Garrison.

They're expected to propose that plan at the city commission meeting next week.