Tallahassee Poised to Break Fatal Crash Record

It's been a deadly week on Tallahassee roadways, and the city is on pace to have its most traffic fatalities ever this year.

A crash on Centerville Road early Tuesday morning claimed the life of 21-year-old Christopher Mazza. It happened less than 12 hours after a crash on Jim Lee Road cost 57-year-old Cheryl Tully her life.

That makes 21 fatal crashes in Tallahassee already this year.

SGT Steve Gauding with the Tallahassee Police Department says, "The most we've had inside the city limits in the past is 22, and that was a number of years back. We are at 21 inside the city limits of Tallahassee right now, and historically, the last two months of the year when we get into the holiday season are our busiest months."

SGT Gauding says if you value your life, slow down, buckle up and don't drink and drive. Failure to do those things, he says, has been a factor in almost all of the fatal accidents this year.