Books All Around!

FAMU students were doing their share Tuesday evening, helping with Gov. Jeb Bush's Just Read Florida initiative.

"Books All Around" is a group of FAMU students getting children to read more. The group held a book giveaway at the Jake Gaither Community Center.

Darius Graham says the goal is to get children excited about reading and to have more books.

"Books All Around" is planning to set up libraries at local community centers and hold book giveaways at least every other month.

Darius says, "Governor Bush has made an initiative, a priority in every school. When you look at some of the demographics, the data of every school, you'll see that all kids don't have the ability to read and read as well as they should be able to, so we want to take a proactive approach and help them do that."

"Just Read Florida" donated hundreds of books for the "Books All Around" giveaway event.