Tallahassee Fire Department's Deputy Chief Resigns

One of the Tallahassee Fire Department's top ranking officials resigns this week. He says he’s under pressure from the department, but he declined an on camera interview.

Deputy Chief Dan Spillman tells us he was forced to resign, or he would've been fired. His last day will be November 11.

Spillman said he's disappointed by the move, saying he invested 20 years in the department and was two and a half years away from retirement.

Cindy Dick, Tallahassee Fire Chief, says, "I've been charged with taking this department in a new direction and look towards the future, and it's not uncommon for a new administration to come in and make sure those top two positions are right on line and on board and ready to move the way we need to move."

Chief Dick officially took over the department last month.

Spillman's departure will leave two vacant deputy chief positions. The chief says she is looking to quickly fill those positions.