Testing for Bird Flu in Florida

Inspectors with the department’s Division of Animal Industry at the North Florida Fair are testing chickens and other poultry for a variety of diseases, including the highly contagious avian flu.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson is launching aggressive surveillance for certain strands before any possible epidemic in Florida.

Jennifer Jennings-Glover, FDACS Poultry Program Coordinator, says, "Specifically for the two types of h5 and h7, those are two types that are highly contagious among poultry, and over time in Asia, the h5 in Asia tends to mutate to high path influenza and cross over to humans.”

The poultry program coordinator is also training other department inspectors to test for the disease.

The department has fanned out across the stat to check backyard flocks, fairs and other places with poultry.

No birds at the fair tested positive for any diseases.