Charles and Camilla Leave U.S.

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Before the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall bid farewell to Washington they paid their respects to American war dead, a solemn tribute at the National World War II memorial and an opportunity to speak with veterans.

Throughout the visit, Prince Charles has stressed the bond between the U.S. and Great Britain, a closeness that's developed through struggle including World War II

The couple's day lightens though with lines from William Shakespeare. The royals will meet some young D.C. students, studying the great playwright, at the Folger Shakespeare Library.

Then the royal tours moves south to New Orleans where Charles and Camilla will head straight to the twice flooded, nearly destroyed ninth ward. They'll see the Hurricane Katrina damage close up, meet with recovery workers and speak with children and parents at a New Orleans school.

It will be quite a difference from their days in D.C., non -stop hours packed with everything from a White Gouse black tie gala, a visit to a charter school, a seminar on religious tolerance and a reception at the British embassy.

And while some royal watchers who followed the pair to every Washington stop will be sad to see them go, the royals’ send-off from the nation's Capitol will be as subdued and simple as their arrival.