H.S. Football Player Overcomes Epilepsy

There are thousands of proud parents in the stands on a football Friday night, but perhaps none prouder than the parents of Dontavious Davis.

Don, a severe epileptic as a child, couldn't even play outside much less suit up for contact sports. But now all that has changed.

Number 31, Dontavious Davis, defensive end for the Eagles of Mitchell-Baker High, no one would ever know that as a child he suffered six to eight seizures a day and wasn't even allowed outside to play.

Betty Brown, his mother, says, "When he was small we bought him the football uniform. He just loved football. He would sleep with his football, but he couldn't play because of the seizures. He would fall. He would fall; wherever he was he would fall. It would last about two to three minutes. He couldn't be left alone, not even to take a bath."

Davis has a sizeable scar under his helmet where doctors in Augusta went in and removed a chunk of his brain, the chunk that was starting all those seizures.

His parents agonized over the risks of possible paralysis, loss of speech and more, but with much prayer Davis had that surgery at age eight, and now at 17 he is medication and seizure free.

Dontavious says, "When I was young and I had seizures, I couldn't play or nothing, but now I can do anything I want to do, so it's changed for the best."

Charlie Davis, his father, says, "He couldn't do nothin'. He couldn't play outside in the yard 'cause he was always fallin'. He can do everything now, normal."

So while some parents sit in the stands and shout for more playing time for their son, Betty Brown and Charlie Davis shout for joy that their son is now healthy and his dreams of playing football with all the other kids are real.

Betty Brown says, "If he don't make but one play, I'm still proud of him. They don't even have to put him in. Just knowing that he's doing what he wants to do and he's able to do it makes me very happy."

We visited with Dontavious and his family. His family is very proud and very grateful for that life-changing surgery.