Gadsden Memorial Hospital to Close

For the foreseeable future, Gadsden County residents are being asked to go to other hospitals if they need medical attention.

The Agency for Health Care Administration issued the suspension order Friday evening. At the hospital Friday night patients were leaving and deputies were telling those seeking medical care to go elsewhere.

Health officials say unclean conditions, unpaid bills, and a lack of staff are just some of reasons leading to the suspension of services.

Adam Levine with the Agency for Health Care Administration says, "We feel like the health and safety of the community in Gadsden County is in jeopardy. It’s an action we take very seriously. It's not something we do very often, but we do it when we feel there's really no other alternative.”

The Agency for Health Care is asking nearby hospitals to take on the fewer than 10 patients already at the facility. It was all hands on deck for Gadsden Memorial staff Friday evening as many came in for an impromptu meeting.

Hospital administrator Alma Jones refused to speak with us about the temporary shutdown. The Agency for Health Care secretary says he has reached out to Gadsden County commissioners. He hopes to have a meeting with them within the next few days.