Mule Day

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Residents say what started out as a small festival in the seventies in honor of the mule, has become a tradition for folks who travel each year to Calvary for Mule Day.

Donald Dalton, a Calvary resident, says, "You come up from Florida or over from Alabama down, we'll meet at Mule Day and that'll give 'em something to do see old friends, eat good food, shop, browse, see some of the old south."

One tradition at Mule Day is the parade featuring mules, horses, antique cars, and music. The event brings family, friends, and communities together.

Lauren Stalvey, a spectator, says, "I'm looking forward to seeing all my cousins and uncles and aunts. They're all coming.”

Ericka Elkins adds, "Just me and my cousins, I remember our first memory is every year we all get suckers together and we get here about 6:30 every morning."

Organizers say Mule Day is also about sharing the southern culture including the famous syrup making. It's a day some have enjoyed their whole lives and others are beginning to be a part of.

Simply put for most, Mule Day is everything and a little more. Mule Day is held on the first Saturday of November.