North Florida Fair

It was the first weekend for the annual North Florida Agricultural Fair.

Feathered friends are among the many attractions at the 64-year-old North Florida Agricultural Fair, forcing hundreds to flock to the fair.

Jay Phillips, the owner of Show Me Safari Petting Zoo, says, "We've been coming to the North Florida Fair for 15 years. We love coming to north Florida; the people are real friendly here, it's like coming home.”

State fairs are known for the food and the rides, but one of the main attractions here, the agricultural exhibits.

Tori Henderson, a young lady showing cows at the fair, adds, "We travel around Florida showing our cows and it's a great experience."

There's plenty of animals at the fair, and many of them are not your average everyday pet. The good new is. It's safe to touch all of these unique creatures, but just remember to wash your hands.

Phillips adds, "We're governed by the UDSA Department of Agriculture so our animals are tested before we leave Missouri anywhere we go."

In addition to animals there are farming exhibits along the midway. Making the fair a favorite past time for everyone.

Farrah Hudson, enjoying the fair, had this to say, "The food, definitely the food! You got to buy the food and you know take it home."

Erin Posey, also enjoying the fair, adds "I'm looking forward to seeing some of the exhibits and tasting a little bit of the food and possibly riding a ride."

But no matter what brings you to the event, these sights and sound will soon come to an end. The fun and excitement will only last a short period of time. The North Florida Fair ends November 13.