Pumpkin' Chuckin'

Halloween has come and gone, and that rotting pumpkin on your front porch isn't going to move itself!

Some Tallahassee residents decided enough is enough. They packed up their Jack-o-lanterns and headed to the 10th annual "Great Punkin' Chuckin'" competition."

Competitors squashed things like the uncarved pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns that look to have been rotting for days.

John Stubbs, a contestant, said, "We figured we weren't going to do anything else with our pumpkins, so we might as well come out here and watch it splat. It sat on the porch for awhile, got juicy, so it made a really good splat!"

The older and moldier the pumpkin ,the better the show, or so the crowd says. The retiring of these pumpkins were for all ages.