Record DUI Arrests at FSU

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There are a record number of DUI arrests at Florida State University, a whopping 110 arrests for the year with more expected by the end of December.

FSU Police LT James Russell heads up the university's DUI task force. He believes the university's high DUI arrests come not from more students drinking, but rather more getting caught.

"In 2004, we had 61 DUI arrests, and at 110, we're approaching double that now, so there is a possibility we could double our statistics from last year," says Russell.

FSU MAJ Thomas Longo adds, "There are still too many drunk drivers out there. We'd like to see those numbers be a lot less. The other side of the coin is that we are doing a good job of catching folks before they hurt students or others."

Terri Russell works with the university's chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. She says the high arrest total means progress, given that in 2003 only 24 DUI arrests were made.

"I think this shows the dedication of the university, but especially the campus law enforcement community, to tackle the issue of underage drinking and drunk driving. What we are looking for are changes in the environment, and they are a partner in doing that," says Terri Russell.

Officials say they didn't expect to reach the 100 mark until the end of December.

"More people are probably getting more careless than they should be. You shouldn't be doing it at all, but the students are probably being a little more careless," says FSU student Tyler Satava.

More arrests are expected during the department's next checkpoint on November 18.