Future Uncertain for Gadsden Hospital Employees

The employees are left wondering about their jobs. They met with county commissioners Monday morning to address an array of concerns.

Right now it's an uncertain future. The county is hoping the employees will be able to keep their jobs when the next management company takes over, but that's not a guarantee.

Gadsden Hospital employees packed the commission chambers hoping to find out about their job status and other pressing concerns.

Employees say they were unaware the hospital would be closing its doors Friday evening.

Ron Vickers, an employee, said, "ACHA was there Thursday and Friday, and as of three o'clock they were telling us they didn't know what they were going to do."

It’s leaving these employees without a source of income.

Alma Jones, an administrator, said, "I have not received any word that they will not be paid. We were just paid on Friday and we have another payroll coming up in two weeks, and it's my understanding it will be met at that time."

Romona Ansley, another employee, added, "I have two children at home to feed. I have a house to maintain. Some people are married, some people are single. We're all in the same boat."

Following the meeting, a group of employees met at the hospital hoping to get more answers from management, but for now they'll be forced to play the waiting game.

County commissioners have a board in place to take over, but they have to address some legal issues first and would have to correct the deficiencies cited by the state before they could reopen the hospital.