Too Late for Cheap Airfare?

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If you're looking to book an airline reservation for Thanksgiving, you may have to dig deeper into your wallet. Right now fares are higher than usual.

"I saw $900 and that was about three weeks ago," says student Paul Zarychta.

It’s too much money for a college student to spend, so Zarychta is changing his plans.

"I was going to book, but I decided it was too expensive so I’m actually gonna drive home from Memphis to Tallahassee,” Zarychta says.

Travel agents say airlines usually raise fares during the holiday season. Now add soaring fuel prices, the hurricanes and many struggling airlines.

"If you went to New York last year say the middle of November you could probably get it for $200 to $300. Now if you book it at this point in time, you're gonna pay more than that," says Wendy Kissane.

We wanted to know how much more, so we searched online and found a ticket from Tallahassee to New York leaving the day before Thanksgiving. The price is a whopping $546.

Holiday reservations are especially hard to find with Christmas and New Year’s both falling on the weekend.

"Book early and if you haven't booked for Thanksgiving good luck and if you're looking for Christmas get started now," advises Kissane.