Displaced by Fire

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Teresa Griffin of Tallahassee and her family are going through the ruins of their home, trying to salvage anything they can after a fire destroyed most of what they own. Then, they'll try to move on.

"I'm going to see what we can get," says Griffin.

The same night as the fire, the Capital Area Red Cross was there to help Griffin and her family.

"We'll provide financial service for food and clothing. We'll place individuals in temporary housing and hotels for up to a week," says Chris Floyd with the American Red Cross.

"We, the Red Cross, we're the guys right there on the tail of any disaster for assistance for victims."

The Red Cross Chapter is located in Tallahassee, but works with eight neighboring counties and says since mid October, it’s had to help 21 families who've lost their homes and belongings to fires, which the Red Cross says is higher than normal.

Lt. Bernard Barrington with the Tallahassee Fire Department says, "Right now, during a cold snap, we see an increase in fires, some in relation to space heaters, and we ask people to be careful."

And with the higher than normal number of displaced families this season, the Red Cross is also asking people help themselves by being careful.

The Red Cross says it budgets about $100,000 a year just to help families displaced by fire.