Tallahassee Twins Turn 104!

A Tallahassee family is celebrating an unbelievable milestone.

Identical twins Lucy Turner and Louise Dilworth are celebrating their 104th birthday.

The Tallahassee sisters may be the oldest living twins in America, and they are still happy at home in the care of Lucy's 82-year-old daughter.

Vivian Williams, the daughter, says, "It's kind of thrilling when I look around. I see I'm blessed. I can look in her face and look in her face and they're still around, so it's kind of a joy sometimes. Sometimes it's not."

The twins were born in a house in Frenchtown in 1901 and have seen everything from horse and buggy to man on the moon.

Though recent years are a little hazy, the past is crystal clear, and both are still in good health.