Leon County Sponsors Veterans Day Parade

Decades have passed since Vietnam veteran Nick Phillips served our country, but the memories of his time in the Marines are still vivid in his mind.

Nick says, "Some of these guys have been through what I've been through, they understand."

With two other war vets at his side, Lee Thompson, who fought in World War II, John Summers in Vietnam, he quietly took in the parade, a parade that almost didn't happen last year because of the high cost of insurance, but it did when Leon County stepped in to take over as sponsor.

Joe Sharp, Leon County Director of Health and Human Services, says, "We've had more time to prepare for this parade. It's growing; the county is delighted to do this for our veterans in honor of our vets, and it's a good thing for the country to do this."

Lee Thompson with the Army, a World War II vet, adds, “It's good to see it being recognized, a lot of times we're not recognized, but for a few years, they're starting to give it more recognition."

Leon County has extended its appreciation to our vets and active duty personnel with more than just an annual parade.

Among its many services, Leon became this area's first local government to adopt a tax rebate program for active duty military personnel deployed in a named conflict, but on Veterans Day it was a time for the county to honor, remember and thank the thousands of vets in our area like Phillips, Summers and Thompson for their time and their service.

Leon County is also sponsoring a storefront display where families can post pictures of their active duty loved ones. That's at 115 South Monroe.