Confederate Controversy at Veterans Day Parade

There was a group of anti-war protestors on the route. Not only that, but one woman along the route says her intentions of honoring veterans at the parade vanished when she saw the confederate flag march by.

She was fuming on a nearby street corner.

"As an African-American, I feel like it's a slap in the face because they didn't fight to free anybody, they fought to keep people like me in the cotton fields and the back of the bus and I think something should be done about it,” explains Cynthia Griffin.

"We allow everybody in the parade. We want everybody to express themselves because of course we want to honor all the veterans in the country, everybody who has participated in an organization,” says Leon County Director of Veterans Services D.J. Johnson.

Bob Hurst with the Sons of Confederate Veterans says it's entirely appropriate to include his group in the parade saying Confederate veterans are recognized by the U.S. Veterans Administration and should be a part of this Veterans Day celebration.