Coal Plant: To Be or Not Be Inevitable?

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Saturday morning, opponents of the coal plant teamed up to canvass Tallahassee and urge residents to vote “no” on the coal plant referendum.

The two sides of the issue disagree on what the results will be if Tallahassee voters decide not to participate in the coal plant.

The one city commissioner opposed to the referendum, Allan Katz, says, "I don't believe the plant is necessarily going to be built if we don't participate and I think that regardless of what the outcome turns out to be in terms of the plant being built or not built, we have no business participating."

But City Commissioner Debbie Lightsey, who is in favor of the referendum, says, "I think it's dishonest to tell people that if enough people vote against this, that the plant won't be built. It will be built. All the other partners have crunched the numbers, the location works for them. They're going forward with or without us."

The referendum proposes that Tallahassee participate in the coal plant as a 20 percent partner of the plant. Mail-in votes must be received by Thursday to be counted.