Food Bank Need Replenishing After Hurricanes

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Local musicians and business owners teamed up on Sunday to create an open market by Lake Ella in Tallahassee.

Independent Business and Community Alliance Vice President Beth Tedio says, "Today is a big outdoor party that is all raising money for the Second Harvest Food Bank, which has fed so many people after all the hurricanes. We do it every year, but this year we're trying to get more people out to really restock the shelves of the food bank."

Businesses at the "Feed the Community" event made donations to Second Harvest to set up a booth here, and many are donating some of their sales to the food bank as well.

A participating business owner, Stephanie Brandt, says, "I'm originally from homestead and I lost everything in Hurricane Andrew, so with all these hurricanes I've been very compelled to give back and support that."

And folks were asked to bring food donations as an admission fee.

"We saw the advertisement for restaurants and some shops we wanted to come see, walk around and everything and we like bring food, helping out," said participant Jamie Wojcik.

In addition to the non-perishable food donations, Second Harvest also accepts cash donations. The folks at Second Harvest say they're able to purchase 20 pounds of food with just a single dollar.

Using that equation for cash donations, organizers of "Feed the Community" say they hope to raise 5,000 pounds of food.

Second Harvest representatives say they supplied food to hurricane affected areas and victims who relocated in the Big Bend.