Need for Deputy Presence

The town of Greenville is a quaint community that seems lost in time with historic buildings and a small-town feel, but this small town is now getting big city problems of burglaries and robberies.

Lucile Day has lived in Greenville since she was a child and says crime is starting to rear its ugly head. In fact, her home has been burglarized several times.

Lucile Day says, "It was a big mess, mattress turned up. I'm not a perfect housekeeper, but my house was in a disarray. All the closets had been entered top, bottle, middle."

Residents say criminals have been breaking into several homes, forcing some to live in fear.

Mayor Elesta Pritchett for the town of Greenville says, "It's frightening, very much so. I've done everything I could around my residence to protect myself, but you're going out and coming in and you’re always looking over your shoulder."

While a satellite sheriff's office is a permanent fixture in the rural community, Mayor
Pritchett is hoping for more deputy presence.

Sheriff Pete Bucher for Madison County adds, "We're going to do everything we can to make sure and continue to make Madison a safe place. Overall, crime is down. We do have crimes, unfortunately. Were going to continually work hard to see what we can do."

Residents like Day are hoping deputies will eventually make a clean sweep of picking up criminals to make Greenville a better place to live.

The sheriff says he just does not have adequate staff to keep a deputy in Greenville around the clock, but his police have responded in a timely manner.