FSU International Education Week

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With things like the War on Terror and natural disasters, these are trying times, especially for international college students. How are they coping?

Florida State University kicked of its celebration of International Education Week where students from abroad share their food, customs and feelings on the war in Iraq, the Jordan bombings and the aftermath of the tsunami which claimed the lives of thousands.

"When there is a disaster like that in different parts of the world we make sure students know that we are going to support them at any given time. They need know that we are there to help them where we can," says FSU International Student Center spokeswoman, Mafe Brooks.

FSU student Lauren Bovick adds, "We have so many things going on in the world, riots, bombings. It's good to meet people from other places, so it's not so remote."

Officials with FSU's International Student Center say it's because of recent events federal regulations have tightened up, causing the enrollment of some international students to decline.

But for those how are here, this week is a great opportunity for those students to enlighten others who may never travel abroad.

"It is a great way for them to interact with each other, to understand the cultures they come from, and the communities they live in," says FSU student body president Chris Schoonover.

International Education Week festivities run through Sunday.