Georgia Pecan Crop Devastation

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In recent weeks, cotton farmers said their harvest season went well while peanut growers say their harvest is average at best, and now pecan growers in Georgia are facing a harvest they are calling devastating.

Growers say the pecan crop looked good earlier this season, good enough to offset last year's less than stellar season.

Julian Knight, a local grower, says, "We thought we were gonna ring the dinner bell. We thought we had a super year. I did even a month ago."

But with pecan harvest three weeks in, Knight says the crop has been a disappointment in quality and quantity.

Julian Knight adds, "It seems like every week it's gone down hill. The pounds are not there. The quality is not so good."

Locals say the weather is partially to blame with excessive rain in the early part of the summer and no rain towards the end.

Local buyers say this year's bad pecan harvest will translate to higher prices for consumers.

Greg Hamil with J.R. Renfroe Pecan Company says, "It will affect consumers some. Naturally, as prices are higher, people may choose some of the other alternative nuts, the walnuts or almonds."

Growers say their only hope is that some rain will help with this harvest, but they add next season is unpredictable. No one can say what this year's stress on the trees will mean for next year.

Local pecan buyers say the USDA estimated this year's pecan crop to be at 120 million pounds, but the most recent estimates have the crop at only 90 million pounds.