Thomas University Professor Receives International Invite to Talk Terrorism

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He's been a police chief in two major cities, is listed as a terrorism expert in a publication by The Heritage Foundation in Washington, and now Thomas University professor Dr. Harry Bruno is one of 35 people worldwide invited to attend a round table discussion on terrorism at the University of Oxford in England.

Dr. Harry Bruno says, "I'm still coming back down to earth. It's sort of a never ending situation we're facing right now. We seem to put one fire out and another one starts."

The international panel, consisting of scholars, lawyers and public officials, will address current trends in crime and terrorism, and Dr. Bruno's students say he's up for the task.

Student Berlisa Baker says, "I know he's going to make a difference at the conference."

That's what Dr. Bruno hopes to do.

Dr. Bruno says, Ii don't really agree with the fact of them working so many things under homeland security. When you get too big you get lost, and you forget what your job's all about. I hope to be able to share some of my feelings and thoughts about the subjects with these learned scholars."

They are feelings and thoughts from one local professor that may just find a solution to the growing global threat of terrorism.

The Oxford round table will get underway in the spring of 2006, and run from March 26 through the 31st.