Drug Sweep on the Coast

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There has been a huge drug sweep for rural Franklin County. They're being found in the hands of men and women along the Gulf Coast, and the sheriff says it's time to round them up.

There was an early wake-up call for several Franklin County residents. Sheriff's deputies were knocking down doors Tuesday in search of users and abusers.

"We ended up arresting 14 out of 22."

Fourteen who deal, use, or purchase drugs were rounded up in Carrabelle, East Point and Apalachicola. Deputies call it "Operation Zero Tolerance."

The drugs they're finding are cocaine, crack cocaine, and even prescription drugs like methadone, a common pill used to treat heroin addicts.

Sheriff Mike Mock says eradicating those drugs from Franklin County is his ultimate goal.

"As sheriff, people have my personal commitment to fight the war on drugs," he says.

It’s a war with an instrumental weapon. Sniffing out narcotics is “Rico's” job, and so far he's played a vital role in Franklin County.

DEP Carlos Hill says, "We had him since January and he's seized over a kilo and a half of narcotics."

They are narcotics Sheriff Mock hopes to keep off the streets for good.