Meth Lab Bust in Madison County

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In the quiet community of Cherry Lake in Madison County, authorities nabbed a man who they say is one of the largest dealers of methamphetamine in the area.

"Hopefully we can send him to prison for many, many years and we wouldn't have to worry about him being back out here dealing in this type of illegal drug," says Madison County Sheriff Pete Bucher.

Forty-four-year-old Andrew Norris is being held at the Madison County Jail until a search of his home and suspected meth lab is finished.

A gas generator and host of flammable chemicals found caused concern for authorities and neighbors.

"The danger is not only to the law enforcement community in dealing with these type of cases, but the children and innocent people that are around these types of clandestine labs," adds Sheriff Bucher.

Dave Koppenhaver, a chemist with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, says, "Ninety percent of the labs we go into have children involved. Nationwide, in the past two years, programs have been started to protect these children and to protect what their long-term health effects are."

Norris' pending charges include possession, sale and manufacturing of methamphetamine.