School Districts Discuss Jessica Lunsford Act

The Jessica Lunsford Act requires everyone on school campuses to have a background check.

School districts are trying to work out the nuts and bolts.

Superintendents and personnel from several Florida schools gathered in Tallahassee to look at ways to implement the Jessica Lunsford Act and share information, allowing districts to clarify misunderstandings and all be on the same page.

Danny Sims, Jackson County School Superintendent, says "I'm here to work on the Jessica Lunsford Act and try to make sure that we are on the same page as far as moral turpitude and try to find out how we can share that information from one district to the other."

Joy Frank with the Florida Association of District School Superintendents adds, "It'll also assist us in developing some sharing agreements among school districts so that vendors would not have to be fingerprinted multiple times at multiple locations."

Information gathered will be compiled and given to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which regulates the Lunsford Act.