Alcohol and Kids

Alcohol is at the center of discussion at a Tallahassee Community Forum.

The Tallahassee Pledge Coalition is claiming underage drinking is reaching epidemic levels. Tallahassee Deputy Police Chief Ralph Hernandez and Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell were among the panel of speakers stressing to parents that it will take a team effort to eliminate the problem.

Both say most children get their hands on the alcohol in their own homes.

Miaisha Mitchell, Frenchtown Youth Program Director, says, “Parents need to know, parents need to get involved, there is something that we can do to stop this underage drinking and part of this, get our children educated about the use of alcohol."

Sheriff Campbell says another big problem: children abusing prescription drugs.
Take phone number

If you'd like to get involved with the Tallahassee Pledge Coalition, call 850-847-0066.