Valdosta Noise Ordinance

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The days of loud car stereos and noisy neighbors may soon come to an end in an area city. The Valdosta City Council will soon decide if it wants to adopt a tougher noise ordinance for the Azalea City.

No matter what time of day or night, you can often find a Valdosta driver cruising the streets with his stereo loud enough for people to hear inside their homes.

Residents who are fed up with the disturbance say the problem has gotten worse in recent years.

Jesse Sedgwick says, "Worse, much worse. They come by the house with these radios and they're so loud they vibrate the windows in the house and they vibrate the ground. I know they're not that deaf!"

Valdosta's current noise ordinance has not withstood legal challenges, but a new ordinance could change all that.

"Some people may see this new noise ordinance as a restriction of their freedom, but city officials say it's not a restriction, but a protection of all the people's rights.

CAPT Brian Childress, Valdosta police spokesman, says, "At midnight or two in the morning, you're asleep and your kids are asleep. You should be able to sleep without any issues with noise, whether it's a neighbor or a business playing their music loud."

If approved, the new noise ordinance would place clearly defined restriction on noise, restrictions of both time of day and the distance the noise could be heard.

The issue will be decided next week by the Valdosta City Council.