Dads' Day

We've all heard the term "PTA mom" or "soccer mom," but dads in one community are breaking the stereotype.

The Coalition of Parental Support says 71 percent of high school dropouts come from a fatherless home.

At Garrison Pilcher Elementary, dads are being encouraged to take on an active role in their child's life.

Matthew Huddleston, one dad at school, said, "I remember being a child and how difficult it was to be away from your parents all day, so I try to any time I can, I come up here to eat lunch or do stuff like this."

Huddleston is just one of many fathers at Dads’ Day. Many of the dads danced their way through gym class, ate lunch in the cafeteria, and even did a few push-ups.

Preston McCardel, another dad, said, "I feel every dad, if they have the chance, I know a lot of them work, but they should be with their kids, you know, setting an example for them."

Fathers participating in Dads’ Day say it's important because they get to spend more time with their children while being positive role models.

Mike House, another dad, said, "Let them know that it's the right thing to do, to be involved. If they don't see you’re interested they're not going to be interested."

And by showing up at school, these fathers are demonstrating just how interested they are.

Dads’ Day went so well at Garrison Pilcher Elementary that fathers have been invited back to join their children at school again Thursday.