Frenchtown Senior Day

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It's one-stop education and entertainment for elderly Tallahassee residents, and until Wednesday, seniors in Frenchtown had no place to call their own.

Thelma Smith doesn't get out in the community that much. Her average day is one or two appointments, but Wednesday her agenda was packed.

"I enjoyed the saxophone coming from Mr. Hightower. I enjoyed the food, it was delicious, and I enjoyed seeing different old friends and met new friends," she said.

Smith and many others in the Frenchtown community experienced the Senior Center's first Senior Day at the Lincoln Center. Seniors had free flu shots, glucose and blood pressure tests, listened to speakers on aging and mingled with neighbors.

"I learned that you need to get out of the house and get involved in the community because we are senior citizens and we still need to get involved in our community," said Mariah Blake.

Organizers say they're happy to bring senior activities to the neighborhood.

"It's a real good way to bring health screenings, education, a good nice meal and fellowship," said Senior Center Director Sheila Salyer.

Organizers plan to make Senior Day at the Lincoln Center a tradition.

"I'm excited about the fact that this was our first one. It's turned out to be wonderful. The seniors seem to be really excited," said Lincoln Center Senior Day organizer Gwen Lucas.

It's a great outlet for entertainment and a good way to keep their health in check. Senior Days at the Lincoln Center will be held once a month. For more information, call 891-4180.