Some Still for and Some Still Against the Coal-Fired Power Plant

Thursday 11/17 at 7 p.m. is the deadline for Tallahassee voters to turn in their ballots on the coal-fired powered plant.

Mixed feelings are still circulating in Taylor County, where the plant will be built.

The Taylor County Commission voted some months ago to allow a coal-fired power plant like the one in Jacksonville to be built.

There are several Taylor County residents in full support of the decision.

Tallahassee voters hold the key to if Tallahassee will participate in the deal.

Daryll Gunter, chairman of the Taylor County Commission, says, "Taylor County is really optimistic that Tallahassee will be joining in this new project with us. This is an exciting time for Taylor County and we're hoping Tallahassee will see the merits of the project."

Those against the plant say they worry about potential health and environmental issues.