Coal Ballot Countdown

On the eve of the controversial coal plant vote in Tallahassee, more than 31,000 ballots were already in. Another 10,000 or so are undeliverable, and about 200 are currently under the canvassing board's microscope.

The problem with those returned ballots is that some of the signatures didn't match the one on file, or voters simply forgot to sign their ballots.

Now the canvassing board begins the process of reviewing each and every one.

"Where voters didn't sign [the] back of [the] envelope, but perhaps using return address, [the] canvassing board can distinguish handwriting enough, so [they're] taking extreme care to make every vote count,” explains Janet Olin, Leon County Supervisor of Elections.

Olin says there has been an increase in the number of ballots coming in, as Thursday’s 7 p.m. deadline approaches.