Cold Case: A Special Report

More than two years have passed since the murder of Shermayne Jones, the Tallahassee man found dead in his southside apartment. His killer has not been found.

Most of the people that live in the complex where Jones was killed don't remember his murder. People move in and out all the time, but those that do are scared to talk about it because his killer could still be out there.

On October 16, 2003 at the Willows apartment complex, Shermayne Jones hadn’t been heard from for days. His girlfriend finally called authorities, worried that something bad might of happened to him.

SGT Curtis Parker with the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, “We went to his apartment and no one answered the door. Got a hold of the apartment manager who opened the door for us, and then we found him.”

Leon County sheriff’s deputies found Jones on the floor dead from a gunshot wound. Further investigation would show that Jones had died days before, possibly during or after that year’s Florida State-Miami game held the previous weekend.

Investigators say whoever killed Jones also took things from his home. They feel his past may have finally caught up with him.

SGT Parker says, “He was involved in narcotics. There’s a lot of people that would have had a motive to harm him, robbery or what not.”

More than two years later Jones’ killer has not been found. Detectives have interviewed hundreds of potential suspects and the case is still active.

SGT Parker adds, “Just as recently about a month ago we interviewed a possible suspect about this. We have an idea of who may have done this, we just don’t have the evidence to proceed it at this point.”

The case is taken over by a new detective periodically to give the investigation a fresh perspective, but the search continues for that crucial evidence that can close this cold case.

Jones' family is still actively working with authorities to get this case solved.

If you have any information about the 2003 murder of Shermayne Jones, please contact the Violent Crimes Unit of the Leon County Sheriff's Office. The number is 850-922-3418.