City Reacts to Coal Vote

"Yes vote, 19,997 for 59 percent of the vote.”

It was the vote Tallahassee Electric Utility officials were counting on.

"We're very excited but we need to know what the community thought, we're a public power utility, it's very important for us to know what the community says about our selection process,” says Kevin Wailes of Tallahassee Electric Utility.

More than half of the 33,000 voters decided that the north Florida Power Project, a coal plant proposed in Taylor County, should be an option for Tallahassee.

The yes vote means if the Tallahassee Commission decides coal is the best option, Tallahassee would buy into 20 percent of the plant.

A majority of the commission has supported the project.

“It's a complex, difficult issue, it's emotional, we tried to put some facts out for people to base their decisions on so we're very pleased the community came out and supported us on it,” says Tallahassee City Commissioner Debbie Lightsey.

There are still many more decisions to be made. For now the city will continue to participate in the analysis of the project and will then decided whether coal makes sense for Tallahassee.

The election results will not become official until Friday afternoon when the canvassing board reconvenes.

Ion Sancho, Leon County's Supervisor of Elections told us that he was expecting more people to participate in the election, there was only a 32 percent turnout, they were hoping to closer to 50 percent.

This was the first time Tallahassee has had a mail out election of this size.