Children Helping Children

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What started off as a simple class assignment turned into a community event to help support children in Mississippi who lost their school during Hurricane Katrina. And it was some special Sealey Elementary students who came up with the idea.

"We didn't think it would go this far. We just thought we would raise money and give it to them" says Sealey Elementary fourth grader Cheyenne Jones.

"Instead of just giving them money, we're going to give them books to help them learn more things, and help them read and write" adds another Sealey Elementary student, Kelsey James.

Sealey students used their own hard earned and saved money to buy books. They also collected books from the community.

"It makes me feel sad for them, but also happy that we're trying to help because we know all the pain they're going through" says Torri Hart, Sealey Elementary student.

The FSU Mag Lab played a large part in getting these books collected and ready for delivery to Mississippi.

"The children and families here at Sealey as well as employees at the Mag Lab have donated over 2,000 books so far" says Ysonde Jensen, who is the Sealy PTO president and an employee of the Mag Lab.

On Monday, these books will be hand delivered to students in Mississippi. The books will be given to students attending Beach Elementary in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

Right now the Beach students have to attend school in an alternative building since theirs was destroyed.