Downtown Development Continues in Rose City

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Busy cash registers ring in the lunch hour in downtown Thomasville, lunch hours Ben Golden, owner of Savannah Moon Cafe, says will pick up after the city's purchase of the Jefferson Place building.

Downtown developers say Flowers Foods' has signed a 20-year lease on the Jefferson Place building, an agreement downtown developers say will bring at least 100 jobs to downtown.

With renovations already underway on the Jefferson Place building, members of the Downtown Development Authority say they're turning their sights to their next project: transforming the upstairs space into residential units.

With downtown living on the horizon and a renovated Jefferson Place scheduled to open next year, Thomasville merchants say they're reaping the benefits of downtown development.

City of Thomasville officials say the Jefferson Place purchase was financed through municipal bonds that will be repaid through lease payments from flowers foods, meaning no taxpayer money will be spent on the project.