Mentors Wanted for Gadsden County Schools

Cynthia Shingles is one of several Gadsden County mentors hoping to make a difference in children's education.

The school district has been looking for more residents like Shingles to help students advance academically.

"I want to see the kids excel. A lot of times when they see the mentor and someone is helping them because there is only one teacher and they need the help, that child can get that help. I feel like the child can excel a lot better."

"They really need the help. They're trying to do the best they can, but a lot of times the parents are so busy they don't have the time that's needed to help, so being a mentor is helpful to the children.

Teachers say this one-on-one help is already paying off.

"You can see the progress with our students. You can see the students believe in themselves, saying 'we can do... we have somebody here to help me and we can and were behind our students 100 percent.'"

Now school officials are hoping the community will be with them 100 percent by taking just a few hours out of their busy schedule to nurture these children academically.

If you'd like turn the tides of academic success and mentor students, please call the school district at 850-627-9651.