Classified Ad Leads to Sex Arrest

A Monticello man is under arrest after police say a teenager answered his classified ad and got more than he bargained for.

Police say two men came to the 16-year-old's home in Tallahassee, and beyond the advertised "massage," encouraged him to engage in sex acts on camera.

Police tracked the men to a Monticello bed and breakfast. Thirty-year-old Dimitar Nedelchev was arrested and charged with having sex with a minor. A second man was questioned but not charged.

The scenario came to the attention of Tallahassee police when the boy told his grandmother.

Tallahassee police say the teen lied to the men and told them he was 17, but as police point out that still makes him a known minor.

Nedelchev posted bond and was released this afternoon. FDLE and TPD continue to investigate.