Perry Residents Respond to Coal Vote

A majority "yes" vote from Tallahassee voters Thursday 11-17 determines Tallahassee will participate in the proposed coal-fired power plant in Taylor County.

Does this change how residents there feel?

Taylor County residents say they still stand their grounds.

Some are in full support of it.

There are some who still want to fight the coal-fired power plant from being built in Perry regardless of Tallahassee’s participation.

"Tallahassee voted yes to participate in the plant but it doesn't affect Taylor County. It doesn't affect the thoughts of the people or commissioners of Taylor County because the bulk of the cost is going to come out of Jacksonville and other areas,” explains Perry resident Leslie Burford.

The chairman of the Taylor County Commission says he is ecstatic about the results of the vote and is looking forward to partnering with Tallahassee on the coal plant.