Meth Lab Bust

It started with arrests for cocaine and marijuana. Now, a father and son are accused of manufacturing methamphetamines in their home.

A quiet neighborhood is turned upside down when a drug production and distribution center is discovered in a resident’s shed.

Kurt Duggan, a neighbor, says he was unsuspecting of the lab.

"I'm thankful they got rid of it, but I guess the only thing I can say, you don't know what's happening next door, even in a quiet little town like this you don't have a clue."

Christopher Harrell and his 23-year-old son William Harrell, originally arrested for possession of cocaine and marijuana, are now behind bars facing charges stemming from police accusations they were manufacturing methamphetamines.

David Harvey, Wakulla County Sheriff, said, "What it makes you realize is that it's out there and this isn't all of it, there's more to do and you can't quit trying. We realize it's out there and we're going to keep working until we get it all."

Three tenths of a mile from the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office, investigators have uncovered one of the largest meth labs this area has seen.

MAJ Dale Wise with the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office said, "We're very fortunate to get these people off the street, shut down this lab and hopefully it will put a real dent in the narcotics trafficking."

WCSO's narcotics unit continues with their investigation and says more arrests are pending. Investigators say this is the fifth meth lab bust in Wakulla County.