Heating Dangers

Temperatures are finally dipping low enough for people to turn off the AC and turn on the heat.

The Thomasville Fire Department says a recent house fire appears to have started because of overloaded sockets and an unattended heater. The Tallahassee Fire Department says another recent house fire was started because a space heater was too close to a wall.

Scott Simmons, a Tallahassee firefighter, comments on the fires.

"Two of the prevalent causes of fires this year is space heaters and overloading of electrical circuits."

With temperatures dropping people need to be aware when warming their homes. TFD says many times it's not the space heater itself, but the misuse of the heater that can cause a fire.

Simmons adds, "Read the safety instructions that come along with it. With any space heater, make sure it's kept far away from all combustibles."

Brian Flynt, a manager at a local hardware store, adds, "Children and pets; make sure if you have a gas or wood burning stove, do teach them the proper safety tips of staying away from them; they are not toys."

Another danger fire departments see this time of year is too many appliances plugged into an electrical outlet.

Flynt adds, "Home decorations, there's a good rule of thumb; if it looks like there is too many plugs, there probably is."

Flynt also says to always ask questions if you are unsure whether you are setting up a holiday display or warming your home.

Firefighters add that if you're doing any outdoor burning to keep warm, remember bonfires are illegal inside Tallahassee city limits.