Cleanup Day

Maybe it wasn't the nicest day outside, but to a few local Girl Scouts it didn't matter.

The Girl Scouts of the Apalachee Bend picked up some brooms and got to work. The girls were cleaning up Camp for All Seasons located by Lake Talquin. The Girl Scouts swept away old cobwebs to give the camp a little pick-me-up.

David Morris, a camp ranger, commented on the cleanup.

"It's kind of like, you know, like spring cleaning, except for it's in the fall. We're trying to get the place really nice and clean for the winter and it just gives an opportunity for people who have never been out here before to maybe experience the camp."

It is the third year the Girl Scouts have helped clean up the campgrounds. Ranger Dave adds it's great to get the camp cleaned up, but also makes for a great family event.