Arson Investigation

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A playground is burned down in a Thomasville Park and police are now investigating an arson.

The Paradise Park playground is usually bustling with kids playing, but for now those children will have to find a new place to play.

SGT Melvin Johnson with the Thomasville Police Department says, "All indications were that possibly there was an arson. The fire department found that there was some straw had been piled under some of the playground equipment apparently that's where the fire started."

Citizens say this park is special to them and having it destroyed comes as a shock.

Virginia Donalson, a concerned citizen, says, "I think it's terrible that they take something away from a little child like that. I came out here Saturday and this park was full of children. I come out here and watch the children everyday and Sunday it was dead because nobody was out here."

Tim Phillips, a concerned citizen, adds, "Had four children at one time, five and under, so we came out here just about every week and played and it's just enjoyable, so I don't know why anybody would do that. It's just a sad thing."

Police say they are investigating, but right now they have no leads or suspects. In the meantime, the City of Thomasville says they are working to replace the playground equipment in an effort to bring children and their families back to Paradise Park.

Thomasville police are asking anyone with information on this crime to call the department at 229-226-2101.